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Double A Welcomes the Military Cadets from Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy of Thailand

Prachinburi, Thailand, August 2015

Double Ahas recently welcomed the Royal Military cadets from Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy to its integrated pulp and paper mill in Prachinburi province.

During the site visit, Double A has presented to the cadets and teachers its eco-friendly process of paper-making and its sustainable business model “Paper from KHAN-NA” which creates good paper that does good to the environment.

Double A Paper from KHAN-NA generates additional income to Thai farmers for planting Double A Paper-Tree along the unused space between rice paddies. Aside from creating economic value from unused spaces, Paper from KHAN-NA is also helping to reduce global warming. Paper trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen, which helps cool down the Earth’s temperature.

Furthermore, Double A also highlighted its efficient and sustainable resource utilization management under the concept ‘No waste is wasted’ in a manner that will be remembered by the visitors. Through a 4D presentation, Double A creatively showed how it turns its wastes from pulping process such as barks, oversized wood chips and black liquor into renewable biomass. Electricity from renewable biomass is used throughout the mill while the excess is sold to the local grid.